Jeff Patton is the glue that connects good product management and strategy, lean user experience and agile delivery practices together. He helps companies adopt a way of working that’s focused on building great products; not just building stuff faster. Jeff blends Agile thinking, Lean and Lean Startup Thinking as well as UX Design and Design Thinking to help companies work with a holistic product-centric focus. Jeff is a veteran Product Manager, Agile, Lean UX and Product Design Evangelist. He teaches Product Owner classes throughout the world, speaks at numerous conferences and writes prolifically. In 2014, Jeff published User Story Mapping, Discover the Whole Story, Build the Right Product to positive reviews. Readers describe the book as a “definitive resource” and “required reading” for product developers. Jeff is founder of Jeff Patton & Associates, which provides training, coaching and consulting services.

Ellen Gottesdiener is a pioneer in the use of collaborative practices for product discovery, emphasizing the convergence of agile + requirements + product management. She offers leadership, techniques, tools, and training to you for engaging your product community in ways that excite, invite, and produce valuable outcomes and happy teams. Ellen is a world-renowned writer, speaker, and trainer with a keen focus on improving agile product ownership. She has been a developer, project manager, business analyst and product manager. Her most recent book, co-authored with Mary Gorman, is Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis. She also authored two more acclaimed books: Requirements by Collaboration and The Software Requirements Memory Jogger. Ellen is CEO and founder of EBG Consulting, whose professional practice helps organizations adapt how they collaborate to improve business outcomes.

Scott Sehlhorst finds his sweet spot as an agile product manager helping companies convert strategy into products and roadmaps and requirements. Scott is the author of over 800 articles, primarily on the Tyner Blain blog. He is an independent product management consultant, and a veteran of 25 years in the high tech product space. Scott is also a visiting lecturer in the Dublin Institute of Technology product management degree program. Before he started his consulting company, Tyner Blain, Scott worked as an analyst, consultant, programmer, and electromechanical design engineer. He’s worked with teams from startups to Fortune-100 corporations.